2-Day Easy, Healthy Camping Menu

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EASY, HEALTHY 2-DAY CAMPING MENU ???????? Follow along with me as I take you through everything I ate as a dietitian on my 2 night camping trip to Wilsons prom national park ????& Save this post for the full list of budget friendly, easy and delicious meals while camping / traveling!????

Friday night: Grilled salam with quinoa and corn salad
- Quinoa salad with canned corn, chopped cucumber, tomato, and cilontro seasoned with garlic powder, s/p
- Grilledsalmon with garlic p., s/p and evoo
- Grilled zucchin with garlic p., s/p and evoo

Saturday breakfast: Avo toast
- Scrambled eggs with everything but the bagel seasoning
- Avo
- Whole wheat toast

Saturday lunch: Grilled cheese veggie burger & quinoa salad
- Grilled Veggie burger (can use any burger you prefer)
- Tomato and onion
- Swiss cheese
- Leftover quinoa & corn salad

Saturday dinner: Vermicelli tofu salad
- Vermicelli noodles
- Pre-marinated tofu, grilled
- Edamame
- Chopped cucumber, red bell pepper, cilantro
- Asian slaw salad kit
- Toppings: chilli flakes, everything but the bagel seasoning, sesame oil

Sunday morning: Fried egg + veggie breakfast sandwich
- Fried eggs
- Grilled zucchini and red bell pepper
- Avo
- Swiss cheese
- Whole wheat toast

Save reel for budge friendly, EASY and healthy meals while traveling! ????

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