Can an AI Routine Make You Happy? 30 Day Experiment

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Have you ever wondered if AI technology can make you feel happier? In this 30-day experiment, I put an AI routine to the test to see if it can help me achieve my goal of feeling more productive and happier.

So, did the AI routine actually work? In short it did.

Oh, and this video, was also written by AI.

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00:00 How my life changed?
00:05 What is AI Technology?
00:23 Who am I?
00:42 AI and Feelings
01:34 Gratitude
01:55 Self-care
02:16 Connection
02:24 Rules for the next days
03:21 Results of the challenge
03:54 Morning
04:10 Really Early Morning
05:37 Lunch
05:59 Afternoon
06:07 Evening
06:22 The importance of a routine
06:51 When routines fail
07:50 In depth conclusion
08:53 Plot-twist telling the truth

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