What Is Functional Nutrition, And How It Can Help You Lose Weight #shorts

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How to lose weight with functional nutrition
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What Is Functional Nutrition, And How It Can Help You Lose Weight:
- Never mix carbohydrates + fruit
- At lunch, say yes to veggies + fish
- At dinner, be ok with vegetables + pasta
We will answer these questions in the long version of this title:
- What is functional nutrition?
- How to lose weight?
- How does functional nutrition help to lose weight?
- How to lose weight with functional nutrition?
- What are the effects of functional nutrition on the body?
- How does functional nutrition affect the body?
- What does functional nutrition mean?
- How does functional nutrition explain?
- What are the side effects of functional nutrition?
- Which kind of diet is functional nutrition?
- How to have functional nutrition?
- How to have a healthy diet?
- How to live healthily?
Never mix carbohydrates + fruit
To keep your insulin secretion under control (responsible for various weight and health problems it is better do not take multiple foods that have sugars in the same meal. For instance, ingesting a plate of rice, oil and Parmesan cheese and an apple makes you gain weight, or it can cause constipation and sleepiness.
The other tips and tricks for not having power drops? Start your day with a low-carb breakfast such as oatmeal. And between one meal and another have some delicious snacks: dried fruit, oil seeds, nuts, dark chocolate.
At lunch, say yes to veggies + fish
At noon, you can start with a plate of salads like radicchio, escarole, rocket: it boosts digestion and, in particular, the secretion of bile. It also has a satiating power: it delivers fibers capable of slowing down the absorption of sugars in your body. More, favors the development of bacterial flora beneficial for the intestine, stimulates digestive system processes and delivers essential substances for the proper functioning of the metabolism, says our expert in functional nutrition.
Yes then to proteins.
They help accelerate metabolic processes by improving the liver and thyroid function and support nervous tone, stimulating attention and concentration in the rest of the day. You can choose between White meat like turkey, chicken, rabbit, fish, eggs or low-fat cheeses.
Instead, you should restrain the consumption of red meat, because its metabolism produces the greatest amount of nitrogenous waste that the kidneys and liver have to work to eliminate. Then end the meal with grilled veggies: they are rich in substances helpful to counteract the waste substances released during the digestion of all proteins (including vegetable ones) which, as just mentioned, risk tiring the kidney and liver functions.
At dinner, be ok with vegetables + pasta
Have an evening meal with a prevalence of carbs. It is more digestible and lighter and it facilitates rest, conciliating sleep, always recommends the expert. begin dinner with a mixture of raw veggies, for example lettuce, followed by a plate of pasta, rice or cereals seasoned with a drizzle of extra olive oil. The latter is rich source of healthy fats that reduce the body's absorption of sugars and insulin secretion and help the liver to function better. So, the glycemic load of the meal is decreased, does not contribute to weight gain and does not have the risk of damaging health. Finally, dinner finishes with cooked vegetables, preferably in season, boiled or stewed in a pan to preserve more nutrients or grilled and seasoned with oil and vinegar or oil and lemon.
The supply of fiber aids in slowing down the absorption of sugars. More, the richness in water and potassium, stimulates the work of the kidneys and the elimination of excess fluids, responsible for water retention.
You also need fried food
Functional nutrition does not demonize them French fries, veggies and battered fish, stir-fried spaghetti ... These foods improve liver function and decrease blood sugar levels making them less assimilable by the body.
But only on one condition: Always and only extra olive oil should be utilized which, unlike that of seeds, resists without altering to high temperatures and is a super-rich source of healthy fats and polyphenols capable of controlling the glycemic load, thus making it safe and healthy.
For proper frying the temperature must not be more than 180 ° C and you should cut the food into small pieces, adding spices and salt (which increases oxidation) only at the end of cooking, after drying the food with paper straw.
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