only Delicious Food that Can be Eaten in this Summer Rain is Grandma's Soup (Buttermilk Soup)

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only Delicious Food that Can be Eaten in this Summer Rain is Grandma's Soup (Buttermilk Soup)

This delicious soup is prepared completely organically, and its buttermilk is obtained from the yogurt we prepared from our own cow's milk. We also picked vegetables from our garden with our own hands, and peas and beans were grown in the field in previous seasons. have been
We eat this delicious soup in the village in rainy or cold weather, which is very enjoyable. This soup is special for the villages of Gilan and is one of the traditional dishes of Iran.

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This beautiful video was in Gilan and in the green villages of Rezvanshahr. We want to show you the village's delicious lifestyle and recipes. And you enjoy seeing the beautiful and pleasant nature and delicious and rustic food
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First, we soak the chickpeas and put them on the flame until they cook. Then we add the potatoes and finally we pour the beans until they cook. Then we boil the buttermilk so that we can add the small grains of rice and then mix for 15 minutes. After this, we add the ingredients to the buttermilk

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