Is Omega 3 Good or Bad for Kidneys Disease? | Fish Oil for kidney #omega3 #fishoil #shorts #short

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Is Omega 3 Good or Bad for Kidneys Disease? | Fish Oil for kidney #omega3 #fishoil #shorts #short #souravjoshivlogs #souravjoshi #sidhumoosewala #gurumann #fitnessmotivation #gym #bodybuilding #bodybuildinglifestyle #fitnessgoals #fitnesslife #fitnessfreak

Have you ever added Omega 3 foods to your diet?
If not, then start adding Omega 3 foods to your diet from today. Because omega-three foods keep your kidneys healthy as well as strengthen your immune system.
So let's know which foods are a good source of omega 3.
Walnut Akhrot
Alsi alsi
Cauliflower (Fulgobi)
Salmon fish

Let us tell you that omega-three is also called omega-three fatty acid. It solves the problem of anxiety and also treats the problem of depression. It helps in treating the problem of weak eyesight; along with this, Omega3 is helpful in treating heart disease and kidney infection, and it is also useful in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome.
So we hope that you must have understood how beneficial omega-three acid foods are to keeping your kidney healthy.
Yes, but kidney patients must consult doctors before taking Omega 3 Acid Foods.
That's all for today, and always include fresh and healthy foods in your diet.
We will meet again with a new topic. Bye till then

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