How to Be a Juice Recipe Expert Even if Your a Beginner

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John from http://www.discountjuicers.com/ teaches you to make your own juice recipes instead of following influencer recipes .

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In this episode, you will learn how you can create your juice recipes from scratch, some of the fundamental principles of how to formulate your juice recipes based on the reasons why you juice, and then determine the types of produce and ingredients you can source and have on hand.

First, you will discover why John does not necessarily like many juice recipes that are shared by influencers online that are purported to help with certain health conditions.

Next, John will share his reason for juicing, and why he juices. You will learn the best produce items to juice and the types of produce you may want to minimize when juicing.

You will learn some reasons why you may want to make a juice recipe and how to use specific produce items to formulate a recipe that will meet your specific needs and goals. You will learn some of the reasons you may want to juice.

You will discover how John would go about juicing for a specific health opportunity and learn which specific vegetables and fruits he would use based on published scientific journal published studies as well as other produce to balance out the recipe.

You will learn why John does not recommend drinking the same juice recipe every day and learn why he formulated all his specific recipes and the ingredients he used and why.

You will discover the specific reasons why you may want to use certain fruits and vegetables (ingredients) in your juice, how they can interact with your juice, and reasons that you may want to add them in higher or lower amounts.

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can formulate your own juice recipes.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 Start of Episode
00:57 My Favorite Juicer
02:19 My thoughts on Juice Recipes
03:07 How I come up with juice recipes I make
04:07 My thoughts on Juice Recipes that Influencers Share
08:38 Why I Juice
11:00 Why do you juice?
11:53 I Juice to Get More Vegetables in Me, not fruits
13:52 What is your reason for making a specific juice recipe?
14:49 Juice to Get Healthier
15:15 Juice Use Produce Fast
17:17 Juice Instead of Drinking Soda
19:14 Juicing for Hydration
20:30 Juicing on the Cheap
21:54 How I make free juice
22:55 Juicing for Health Condition
27:55 My favorite Medicinal Herbs
28:27 Juices that I Made and Why
28:33 Jicama Tomato Juice
30:09 My Green Juice
32:49 Apple, Lemon, Jicama, Pepper
32:59 Water Melon Mint Juice
33:48 Purple Plant Attack Juice - Anthocyanin Rich
35:33 Carrot Cantaloupe Moringa Juice
36:30 Cucumber, Jicama, Pineapple Juice
36:50 I do not recommend drinking the same juice recipe every day
38:38 Why Use Specific Ingredients in Your Juice Recipe
39:08 High Yield Ingredients with Nutrient Flavor
40:54 Functional Ingredients for Healing
45:42 Ingredient Potency
47:25 Depending on Your Juicer - Some Juicers can handle some ingredients better than others.
50:00 Neutral Tasting Ingredients
51:00 Summary of Episode

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