8 Tips to Lose Love Handles Faster

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Follow these 8 simple steps to lose love handles faster and more efficiently. These workout and diet tips will help you get rid of excess lower back fat and reduce love handles.

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The love handle area is a perfect spot for your body to store and retain fat. This fat sits right above the hips, close to your center of mass, which makes it cost very little energy for your body to maintain even if you're working out and staying very active. This innately makes most people's love handle fat very stubborn, especially in comparison to other distal areas like your face and hands.

So one of the first things that you have to understand is that the fastest way to lose your love handles is to stay consistent over time. It takes time to burn fat, especially from the love handle area because it’s one of the last spots where body fat gets burned partly due to hormonal and biomechanical aspects. There are certain places in the body where excess body fat impairs movement more than others. That’s why it's pretty much unheard of for anyone to have stubborn fat around their hands. Our bodies are incredibly smart machines and after thousands of years of evolution, each of our bodies understands that storing fat around the love handles is much more preferable to storing fat around your hands because that would impact your movement capacity too much and from a leverage perspective it would cost much more energy to maintain. 

So essentially your body is only going to start using love handle fat for energy when it's out of other options. That's why it's crucial that you stay consistent with eating a healthy diet for at least a certain time period like 6 weeks to a few months before moving into maintenance. In the beginning, you might notice that you’re losing a lot of fat around areas like your face, arms, and legs, but not much from your love handles and belly. Many times people don't realize that this is totally normal and they become discouraged leading them to quit and start back up again with a bunch of excess fat that they have to now once again burn off to get to those love handles. So the fastest way to lose love handles is to not constantly restart at square one, but rather continue to lose body fat until your love handles will eventually disappear.

And to get that done one of the best things you can do that works across the board is cut Out ALL Simple Sugar. When I say simple sugars I'm referring to the kind of sugar you find in products like Coca-Cola, donuts, and cookies. These are the easiest types of calories to overconsume in very large quantities without even realizing it. For example, it's extremely easy to eat 1,000 calories of ice cream or drink thousands of calories from sugary beverages. And all that sugar is very unlikely to fill and satisfy your stomach. Instead, it's likely to give you a huge sugar crash and you'll feel even hungrier soon afterward. 

We know from multiple studies that sugar has a minimal effect on satiety, meaning people usually consume sugary calories on top of the calories they already consumed or will consume throughout the day. (1) Cutting out simple sugars is one of the best things you can do to lose love handles faster. You’ll find it much easier to maintain a calorie deficit, which helps you get leaner over time.

Now this doesn't mean you have to avoid sugars in foods like fruits because there are a couple differences between sugar from fruits and sugars found in processed food. For example fruit contains a decent amount of fiber, which slows down the speed at which the sugar gets digested, and it also is effective at increasing fullness because fruit contains significantly fewer calories per 100 grams compared to many foods especially processed foods with added simple sugars. Plus fruit also contains much more micronutrients that benefit your health and body composition overall. 

But in general to get to those love handles faster you want to Focus on Eating all sorts of Single-Ingredient Foods with a Low-Calorie Density, whcih obviously isn't just limited to fruit. The concept of burning fat is very easy you have to consume fewer calories than you use, but in practice it happens to be much harder than that primarily because of hunger. Most diets fail because they leave people feeling too hungry, Leading them to undo all the hard work they put in over days, weeks, or sometimes even months due to rebound binge eating.

The best solution I've found for this is to make single-ingredient foods with a low-calorie density the foundation of your diet. This was well-documented by a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. (2) The researchers told people that they could eat as much as they wanted for five days on two different diets. One was a high-energy diet made up of calorie-dense foods like sweet desserts and fatty meats. Meanwhile the other
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