11 High Fat Foods That Are Good for You | Healthy Fats #shorts

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11 High Fat Foods That Are Good for You | Healthy Fats #shorts

We are often told that eating high fat foods is bad for our health. But did you know that there are fatty foods that are actually good for us? For example, foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids.

There are such things as healthy fats. And when we talk about eating healthy fats, we are not encouraging you to go and eat a load of fatty foods like pizza and fries because they contain the bad fats known as Trans fat. The healthy fats we are discussing are found in specific foods, and they provide us with the essential fat that our body needs.

We should know the difference between fatty foods that are good for us and fatty foods that are bad for us; by having this knowledge, we can help ourselves to eat a healthy diet. So we are going to talk to you about the high-fat foods that you should be eating, and warn you about the fatty foods you should be avoiding.
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